To contact an individual by phone, dial 800.356.2644 plus their extension.

General Information, Relationship Management

Ext. 665.7161
Ext. 665.7237
Lance Hardyman(opens in a new window) Ext. 665.6830
Ext. 665.7783

Fraud Prevention, Risk Management

Ext. 665.5168
Ext. 665.8859

Data Management Team – Data File Extracts (Batch)

Ext. 684.1160
Ext. 665.1160

Collateral Protection Data Files

Ext. 665.6053

Payment Card Claims Automation

Ext. 665.8786

DP Solutions

Please use the below request form for issues such as:

  • Credit Union Converting to Your System
  • XML Rate File Request
  • Payment Protection Calc Service Support (PPCS)
  • XML Rate File/Parameter Notice Questions
  • Lending and/or Calculation Questions
  • Calc Engine Inquiry/Support

LOANLINER® Documents

Ext. 665.4391® Connectivity

Ext. 665.7292

Protection Advisor® Connectivity

Ext. 665.7292