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2021 Market Outlook: What to Expect in the Post-Pandemic Adjustment Period

COVID-19 brought out the best and worst of the global economy. The pandemic caused the lowest unemployment rate in fifty years to quickly spike to the highest rate in ninety years. The implosion led to a burst of crisis-response money printing and stimulus payments to affected businesses and individuals. But human ingenuity is once again set to prevail with warp-speed development of an effective vaccine. A post-pandemic adjustment period will soon follow, impacting investors’ portfolios across the risk spectrum for years to come. During this session, the pandemic’s impact on the structure of the economy and its influence on financial markets will be discussed in simple, entertaining terms. Special emphasis will be placed on the outlook for savers and investors.

Speaker: Scott D. Knapp, CFA®, Managing Principal, CUNA Mutual Fiduciary Consultants

Emotional Engagement: Differentiate Your Members’ Experience

As banks, credit unions and fintechs focus on building digital capabilities that deliver a convenient, frictionless customer experience (CX), many are overlooking a key driver of CX perceptions – how the experience makes the consumer feel. This emotional element is an opportunity for credit unions to differentiate themselves, especially during the current pandemic crisis.

Hear highlights from new research exploring the role emotion plays in shaping consumers’ CX perceptions of their experience using various financial products and interacting with their financial institution. Examine the causes of poor emotional experiences and steps credits unions can take when things don’t go according to plan. And discover the benefits credit unions can expect by going beyond functional needs, emphasizing a truly positive emotional experience for members.

Speaker: Becki Hagerman, Vice President, Sales, CUNA Mutual Group

Maximizing the Credit Union’s Income Statement

The current market conditions have greatly impacted credit unions’ earnings. Now, more than ever, credit unions must explore every aspect of their income statement to maximize their earnings. In this session, you'll learn strategies on ways to keep your earnings flowing by exploring both sides of the income statement – fee and other income and operating expenses and you'll hear about industry trends.

Speakers: Bob Larson, Financial Consultant and Jeff Davenport, Financial Consultant

Multicultural Center of Expertise – Recovering and Leaping with Multicultural Consumers

Last year accentuated the racial and socioeconomic disparities that continue to exist in our country, exposing the ugly truth about these historic inequalities. The result is that a growing segment of our nation has fallen behind or worse yet, has never been able to get ahead. The disproportionate impact of COVID 19 on minority communities has devastated them, obliterating their feeble post great recession gains. How do cultural differences impact our business, our credit union partners and society at large? In this session you will learn what CUNA Mutual’s Multicultural Center of Expertise (COE) has discovered in the last three years to better serve our underserved consumers and grow together!

Speakers: Edgar Hernandez, Sr. Manager, Multicultural Business Strategy – Multicultural COE & Opal Tomashevska, Director, Multicultural Business Strategy – Multicultural COE

Multicultural Consumers – The Good, The Bad and The Opportunity

The Good: By 2030 multicultural consumers will make up the majority of the U.S. population, a growth that will bring new opportunities for empathetic and savvy organizations.
The Bad: Some businesses are still looking retrospectively at how the consumer landscape “used to be,” and not at how “it will be.” This will not only limit their ability to connect with new consumers, but also limit their ability to attract diverse talent.
The Opportunity: Recent events have amplified differences in income, healthcare access and discrimination toward people of color that had been less visible to the general population, and this is presenting new challenges that will require novel solutions. Is your credit union ready to connect with this market?

Speakers:Edgar Hernandez, Sr. Manager, Multicultural Business Strategy – Multicultural Center of Excellence (COE) & Opal Tomashevska, Director, Multicultural Business Strategy – Multicultural COE

Reduce Member Anxiety, Build Loyalty: Creating Emotional Engagement in Digital Channels

The pace of technology innovations, increased competition and changing consumer expectations are driving the rapid digitization of customer experience (CX) in financial services. Companies that aren’t making the investments now to provide an all-digital experience risk being left behind by their competition. Hear highlights from new research exploring credit union members’ expectations of CX and the role that emotions play in shaping consumers’ perceptions. Examine the actions credit unions can take to address member emotions related to the lending experience. Review the benefits credit unions can expect if they provide a truly differentiated, positive emotional member experience.

Speaker: TBA

The Future is Here – How Fintechs and Financial Institutions Are Converging to Re-Shape Financial Services

As new technologies rapidly transform the financial services landscape, financial institutions increasingly are partnering with fintech companies to help them innovate, grow and better serve their members. For many financial institutions, however, the process of identifying, evaluating and developing these partnerships can be a daunting challenge. CMFG Ventures, the venture capital arm of CUNA Mutual Group, is helping to bring tomorrow’s technologies to financial institutions today. This session will look at some of the hottest fintech trends of 2020, explore unique ways that CMFG Ventures is bringing financial institutions and fintechs together, and provide best practices for financial institutions interested in partnering in fintech companies.

Speaker: Brian Kaas, President and Managing Director, CMFG Ventures

U.S. Economic Outlook & Its Impact on CUs

As the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course in 2021, the economic impacts could be longer lasting. The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and the Treasury Departments’ fiscal policy will be important economic topics for the next few years. Explore the possible paths of the economic recovery and what impact it will have on credit union balance sheets and income statements for the next two years.

Speaker: Steven Rick, Director, Chief Economist