Member Perceptions Are Reality

Emotional Engagement - 2020 CUNA Mutual Research Report

As always our annual research topics are released at CUNA Mutual Group's Discovery conference every August. We hope you enjoy watching Becki's deep dive into the research findings and how it impacts your members.

Members’ attitudes and emotions strongly influence how they act and how they perceive your credit union. Understanding their thoughts and feelings is a critical step to serving their needs and delivering a memorable experience. Learn more about: evolving consumer sentiment during the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest; the relationship between financial anxiety and low experience and loyalty ratings with members; how consumers’ perceptions of being "digitally connected" influences their perceptions of their financial institution; and action steps for credit unions to address financial anxiety.

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Emotional Engagement: Differentiate Your Members’ Experience

Emotional Engagement

New research from CUNA Mutual has demonstrated a strong link between members’ financial anxiety and their member experience and loyalty ratings. Explore the causes of poor emotional experiences when consumers use their checking accounts and debit cards. Learn what steps credit unions can take when things don’t go according to plan. Discover the benefits of going beyond functional needs, emphasizing a truly positive emotional experience for members.

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Addressing Members' Financial Anxiety During & After COVID-19

Addressing Financial Anxiety

The economic fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic is creating financial stress for your members. Learn how your members’ financial stress impacts your credit union. Find out how credit unions can help address members’ financial anxiety and the benefits of doing so.

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Serving the New Digitally Connected Membership

Digitally Connected Membership

While digital adoption has been growing year after year, COVID-19 has compelled some less tech-savvy consumers to adopt a "digital-first" way of life seemingly overnight. Knowing whether your members consider themselves to be digitally connected or not is key to ensuring your members have positive digital experiences. Learn how to help your "newly digital" members feel more digitally connected. Discover the specific challenges your members who already feel digitally connected are facing and how your credit union can help.

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Consumer Sentiment and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Consumers face multiple challenges due to the pandemic and its associated impact on the economy. Understanding consumers’ emotional mindset, and how it differs across subgroups, is important in order to empathize and provide solutions for your members. Learn about consumer attitudes and emotions, as well as which trends are likely to endure beyond the pandemic.

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Social Protests' Impact on Consumer Sentiment

The pandemic has a massive impact on consumer sentiment, but the killing of George Floyd and subsequent protests influenced how consumers feel. Consumers are becoming more aware of discrimination and inequality in our country. It’s important for credit unions to understand this issue in order to consider how credit unions can help. Learn more about how attitudes are changing, and racial inequality’s connections with the pandemic.

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Reduce Member Anxiety, Build Loyalty

Reduce Member Anxiety

Hear highlights from recent research exploring credit union members’ expectations of their customer experience when applying for a loan and the role that emotions play in shaping their perceptions. Examine the actions credit unions can take to address member emotions related to member interactions. Review the benefits credit unions can expect if they provide a truly differentiated, positive emotional member lending experience.

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