Power of a Multichannel Approach

Even members who substantially rely on digital will sometimes contact a call center or go into a branch; even a member who loves to catch up with their favorite teller will find value in checking their balance on their phone or reading a blog about mortgages on the credit union website.

No Channel Stands Alone

Your members expect — and demand — to move from one channel to another, quickly and easily.

Integrate digital channels.

Your members will be understandably frustrated if the changes they made in one channel don’t transfer to the next — for instance if they start filling out a loan application on their phone while they’re waiting for their oil change, they expect that data to be there when they go on their laptop later that day. Analyze and update your channels to deliver a seamless experience across them.

Strike a balance on security.

While it’s critical to protect the data entrusted to you by members, do so in a way that doesn’t compromise your ability to interact. Creating a secure environment is your challenge to solve; it can’t be the members’ problem every time they log in.

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