A Phone Call Isn’t a Failure

Digital tools are invaluable and you’re right to prioritize them. But it’s unrealistic to expect to answer every member need with a digital-only solution.

Digital-First World

Consider these scenarios:

Member #1 needs life insurance.
They’re thrilled to find an online application, don’t have any questions, and can complete the application on their own. Digital was a choice that let them handle a task quickly, easily, and on their schedule.
The end result: One more protected family.
Member #2 also needs life insurance.
They start the online life insurance application but run into a question — or start to wonder if this is the right product for their needs. They contact the call center and have access to a knowledgeable employee who can answer their questions and help them sign up for a best-fit solution.
The end result: One more protected family.

In a digital-only world, the first scenario might look like a win while the second might look like a failure. But in a digital-first world, both scenarios are a win — because the member got the help required to ensure their family had the protection they needed, even if multiple channels were used to get it.

Your members should never have to switch from digital to live because digital didn’t deliver the functionality they needed. But when a member opts to tap into a live experience in conjunction with a digital one, as long as your credit union makes that process easy and member-friendly and your member finds the product or service they need, it’s a win for all.

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