Safety & Wellness Brief

Minimize your risks and decrease potential losses based on learnings from our Workers Compensation Safety Council participants, The Hartford, and CUNA Mutual Group.

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The average total incurred Workers Compensation claim was $3,761 in 2022 and $5,376 average dating back to 2017.

12% of claims are over $10,000.1


53% of total incurred loss dollars from 2017 through September 2022 are related to slips, trips & falls.1


15.7% of claims volume and 84.3% of total incurred loss dollars have resulted in lost time from work.1

information iconKey Risk Insights

Slip and fall dangers are present in every workplace. Employee training is critical as these hazards are sometimes easy to overlook; however, they are also very preventable with improved training. Create an improved culture of safety by encouraging your employees to participate in this short interactive training module and self-assessment.


health icon Employee Wellness

Simple Safety Tips for Travelers

  • Before hitting the road, ensure your vehicle is safe to drive
  • Buckle up and slow down
  • Maintain a cushion of safety around your vehicle whenever possible; scan for potential hazards
  • Drive distraction-free — put your phone away when in the driver’s seat
  • Drink responsibly and never drive impaired
  • Monitor weather and adapt driving practices accordingly; drive with headlights on during poor weather conditions to increase visibility
  • Safeguard your personal, credit union, or rental vehicle — consider valet parking
  • Maintain big city awareness and stay aware of your surroundings

Clear Clutter for a Safer Office

A cluttered workplace can lead to ergonomics issues and possible injuries because workers have less space to move.

  • Save a tree and digitize and save files and papers into the computer
  • Store files, boxes, and equipment properly
  • Purge untidy areas
  • Empty trash receptacles before they overflow
  • Keep workstations, aisles, stairways, emergency exits, and doors clear of clutter
  • Housekeeping should be more than a one-time initiative

quote iconThey Said It

Don’t allow your safety discussions to dwell solely on problems, spend more time to discuss positive safety efforts. It will signal that employee safety and wellness isn’t just about avoiding incidents, but also about improving their quality of life.

Brad Neumann
Senior Risk Consultant
CUNA Mutual Group
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If employees don’t have the right safety mindset and they don’t have the right training, then an incident is usually just waiting to happen. Credit unions should proactively address their safety culture. It should help employees do a better job of minimizing incidents.

Brianda Rojas-Levering
Risk Consultant
CUNA Mutual Group
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resources iconResources You Can Use...

Review these resources to enhance your focus on emerging risks related to workplace/employee safety.

Additional Resources

For additional employee safety, wellness, or workers compensation tools and resources, check out the Workplace Safety/Wellness page within the Protection Resource Center or policyholders of The Hartford can also access (policy number required).

For questions on risks, contact a CUNA Mutual Group Risk Consultant at 800.637.2676 or at (opens in a new window)

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1The Hartford Claim Report, September 2022
2User ID and password required

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