Where We Stand on Social Justice

CUNA Mutual Group was founded on the principle of people helping people and is guided by a purpose to help people achieve financial security — a purpose that continues to guide us. We recognize and acknowledge our nation’s history holds centuries of oppression and systemic racism that lives on today. This must change. We understand that the work we’ve been doing to address racial injustice and social inequities requires further effort, and we need to do more.

Because Black Lives Matter, we join the Black community in the fight for social, economic, legal, and policy reform to address these injustices. We commit to continuing to listen and learn and advocate for meeting the needs of the Black community — and to help create an equitable financial system.

It is equally important to recognize and acknowledge that prejudice, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression negatively and systemically impact other marginalized populations as well — including Indigenous, Hispanic/Latina(o), Latinx, Asian and LGBTQ+ and disabled communities. We know each has been oppressed in different ways and we are equally committed to standing with everyone in the fight for racial and social justice and enabling an equitable pathway to financial stability and success.

We pledge to be part of the solution to help improve the lives of those we serve and create a better society for the benefit of every one of us.

What We Believe

1) We believe that a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone.

Therefore, we join in the movement for equitable rights for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), members of our LGBTQ+, and neurodivergent and disabled community (disabled). We know that in doing so, everyone will benefit.

2) We believe that systemic oppression has kept women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled individuals from the ability to make financial decisions that work for them.

Therefore, we will work to break down and break through the unconscious bias and structural barriers in the financial services industry. We will do this through:

  • The design of our products and services
  • Servicing to our customers
  • Our Foundation support and community engagement
  • How we build an equitable company culture
  • Our advocacy on policy reform

3) We believe policy reform is necessary to address and overcome systemic racism and oppression.

Therefore, we will look for opportunities to drive policy reform and change through our lobbying and our advocacy efforts in support of a just and equitable financial system.

4) We believe a diverse workforce is necessary if we are to build a strong and equitable culture, stay competitive and deliver on our purpose.

Therefore, we commit to attracting and retaining diverse talent and building a workforce that is reflective of our population and the customers we serve — and inclusive of those experiences and ideas.

We will continue to listen and learn about the history and ongoing effects of institutional racism, economic, health, social and political inequalities, and consider how each of us can create and influence change.

5) We believe we have the power to create positive change in our communities.

Therefore, we commit to invest thoughtfully and meaningfully in our communities annually. We will continue to partner with non-profit, government and other organizations and educational institutions to improve the lives of marginalized people in our communities; and we will donate our time and financial support to community organizations working to center equity and advance racial and social justice and provide access to financial security.

6) We believe that change must start within — with our people, products and services.

Therefore, we will continue to invest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) education to help combat bias, encourage learning and foster open and honest conversation leading to transformational change and belonging for all our workforce.

We will continue to listen to the voices of all within our organization to ensure more equitable and inclusive opportunities for development and success.

We will call on our leadership to hold themselves and their teams accountable to a higher degree around DEI benchmarks and expectations.

We will continue to invest in research and broaden our understanding of the needs of our target customers. We will continue to use insights from our research and the voices of our workforce and consumers to help us build, buy or partner with others to bring to market product and service solutions that help people make financial decisions that work for them.

We commit to continuing our work towards a financial system that is inclusive, just, and accessible to everyone.

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Why should DEI matter for credit unions?

Diversity, equity and inclusion can help drive positive and lasting results.

CUNA Mutual Group is the marketing name for CUNA Mutual Holding Company, a mutual insurance holding company, its subsidiaries and affiliates.